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Tall Parent Changing Table Setup

I’m tall (6’4″)  and I didn’t want to kill my back leaning over and changing our baby numerous times a day. Here was our solution.

We wanted a setup that achieved the following:

  1. A good height for both me (6’4″) and my wife (5′ 5″)
  2. Allowed us to change diapers quickly, like under a minute (think six sigma)
  3. Didn’t take a lot of room – our condo is less than 900 sq ft

I’ve posted photos of our changing table setup below and a list of our gear. In short, we added 6″ risers to make the height of the changing table is 40.5″. We are really happy with our setup since it met all of our needs.

Changing Table Gear

  • Changing table – We avoided a dresser because I didn’t want the hassle of opening and closing drawers
  • Changing pad – We used under pads to avoid having to frequently clean the pad cover. Highly recommend!
  • Foot pads– We used these to lift the table 6″, which my back thanks me for. I stuffed some styrofoam next to the base of the table legs to keep it from sliding around on the plastic foot pads. The table is just as secure as if it were setup directly on the carpet.
  • Diaper Genie – This is an awesome trashcan for disposing of stinky diapers. Hands-free and seals the stink in.
  • Wall organizer – Having all of the frequently-used stuff (disposable diapers, A&D ointment, and under pads) within arms reach is very convenient and makes changing go quickly.
  • Baskets – Top row is for clothes and receiving blankets. Bottom row holds extra supplies (bag refills for Diaper Genie, diapers, medical pads, etc.)
  • Hamper – This small hamper takes less space, but has plenty of capacity for the baby’s small clothes.
  • Miscellaneous stuff
    • A&D ointment – Recommended by our pediatrician and we’ve found that it’s really effective for fending off diaper rash.
    • Baby wipes – We keep these right by his head on the changing table.
    • Under pads – Great for minimizing the collateral damage from messy changes.
    • Clothe diapers – We only use these for burping and to cover/deflect unexpected pees during changing.

Changing Table Photos

25-Feb-2014 08:38
25-Feb-2014 08:38
25-Feb-2014 08:38
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  1. Henna B
    June 11, 2014 | 6:42 am

    Good idea. We have always had a changing table. We got our last at http://www.babychangingtablestore.com. Good selection. The table saves my back.

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